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T1 Personal Tax Ledger


Simplified Ledger - Medical Expenses (Line 330 T1)

Do you have several expenses that you need to claim as medical on your income tax?  This ledger can account and keep a yearly recording for all your medical deductions.  Whether the claims are for yourself, your spouse or common-law partner, or your dependent children born in and after 1992 .. this ledger is simple and easy to use and can provide you your total for line 330 in your Schedule One federal tax Return form.

For a complete list of claimable expenses  go to Canada Revenue Agency Website - click here

 Simplified Ledger - Medical Expenses

Simplified Ledger -
Rental Income (Lines 160, 126 of your T1)

Do you have rental income to claim?  Expenses to acount for? One rental property or more? This Ledger can account for your income and sort your income and expenses per property for you.

An excel based ledger that you record all the transactions (activity) of the Rental Property (s) into one ledger that will automatically transfer the information to several necessary ledger reports.   If you chose to use our feature of matching the paper transactions (activity) to the payment methods (cash, bank, or charge, etc) you will learn how to accomplish reconciled reports. The worksheet has a detailed manual and all the reports you require for accounting of the in and out of the money of the rental property(s). We have represented our clients with Canada Revenue Agency successfully with this Ledger.

Rental Income



Simplified Ledger -
Business Income
 (Lines 162,135, 164,137, 166,139, 170,143)

If you own a business and you claim the business on your personal tax return ... these lines would apply to you on your personal tax return.  This ledger will make your data entry is as easy as recording into your cheque book. The ledger system will sort, filter, and total based on a standard of codes. Compile & reconcile transactions to accounts, statements &/or receipts. You record all the transactions (activity) of the business into one ledger. 
It is that simple.

Business Income

Simplified Ledger -
Farming Income
 (Lines 168, 141)

You own a farm and are not a bookkeeper.  This describes you!  We have specially designed a ledger with categories specific to your needs as a farmer.  This ledger will record all your income and expenses for your farming.  All you need to do is input the data and the ledger will sort and filter and run the reports you need to calculate your totals for your personal tax return for you to input or for your tax accountant to input.

 Farming Income

Simplified Ledger -
Deductible Employee Expenses  (Line 229)

This form must be completed by employers in order for their employees to deduct employment expenses from their income. This ledger would apply to line 229 of our Personal Tax Return.

Employmnet Expenses



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