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Investment Ledger


Simplified Ledger - Investment Schedule 3

A Schedule 3 is required for your personal tax return when you sell something and a capital gain has occured.  If you are an investor that has a portfolio of metals, stocks, shares, units and bonds this ledger will work for you.  Once you have input your data, a total will be provided to you that you would input on your Schedule 3 form lines 131 and 132.

Simplified Ledger - Schedule 3


Simplified Ledger - Investment Schedule 4 

A Schedule 4 is required for your personal tax return when you are claiming an on going fee or one time fee to borrow, consult, manage and secure your investments. Any loan interest paid on these investments are claimed here.It is simple to use and can help manage your annual expense claims to your portfolio more accurately and efficiently.

Carrying and Interest Charges




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