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People using Simplified LedgerSimplified Ledgers are an affordable simple system that adds, subtracts and sorts for you... it is that Easy

There are specialized ledgers for different applications. Whether you need a ledger for business, you own a daycare, you have a farm, you are organizing a fundraising event, having a convention and others... Simplified Ledger can accommodate those needs for you and Much More!Canada Flag


Business Ledger

As a small business owner you want to find an easy to use entry level bookkeeping system that presents the opportunity to a non accountant  to learn how at your own pace!

Even if you have little or no accounting knowledge you can compile your books. It is based on the principle of balancing a cheque book.

Tested & Accepted by Tax Audits.

Investment Ledger

You have an investment portfolio and you need to track your income and expenses.

This ledger calculates and provides a total so that you may directly input into Canada Revenue Agency required Schedules.


Specialized Ledgers

Specially designed ledgers that are applicable to different professions and categories where you are required to be accountable to a bank, or cash receipts and donations.

Whether you own a farm, a daycare or need to account all your expense for a fundraising event or a convention and much more.

Tax Return Ledgers

Now, you can rest assured that your are maximizing on all your deductions for Canada Revenue Agency requirements.  These specialized ledgers answer to several different parts of your tax return, maximizing on your deductions.

No need to worry about missing any deductions again these ledgers categorize, sort and filter your deductions and provide you a total to input directly to your return.


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