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About Simplified Ledger

  Simplified Ledgers are an affordable simple system that adds, subtracts and sorts for you... it is that Easy! 

Simplified Ledger

We have specialized Excel based Ledgers and online software. Whether you need a spreadsheet for a small business even if you have a daycare or a farm, or you are organizing a fundraising event, having a convention, have an investment portfolio with several different brokers, or you require the Ledger or software for another application... Simplified Ledger accommodates those needs for you and Much More!

Simplified Ledger Spreadsheet

How does the ledger work?

Your data entry is as easy as adding and subtracting. The Ledger will sort using assigned descriptive abbreviations of items you are inputing.  You are provided the choices in a standardized coding format of the accounts accepted by Canada Revenue Agency. 

By using Excel we have capitalized on the exceptional reporting ability by accessing the established filtering function.  Our software has enhanced Excel's reporting ability.

Your input of all the transactions that will automatically transfer to several Ledger reports to meet your personalized needs.

How is this different than other products available?

Other products are complicated, have unnecessary tools, and require the user to have a continuous understanding of the bookkeeping software.  They also require the user to have an understanding of bookkeeping processes. 

Simplified Ledger utilizes the concept of money accepted and money is that Easy!

Most other products take an experienced user a minimum of 3 minutes per transaction to input into their accounting software.

Simplified Ledger takes 1 minute... it is that Efficient!

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